Fringe – Briefs

If I was to personify the MC for Briefs I would start this review with “What a F***ing great show!”.

The tricky thing then, is to pinpoint exactly why it was so good. Was it the brilliant drag, the classy burlesque, the crude yet clever comedy or the insane acrobatics? Or was it the personality of the performers, the cheeky costumes, the killer choreography or the beautiful bods on display?

The cirque elements were well rehearsed, daring, and perfectly choreographed. Everything was laced with a touch of cheeky and a lot of naughty. The aerial silk and hoop work acts were my favourite acrobatics. The vibe moved freely between drag show to dance party to strip club to voyeuristic spectacular.

The crowd response ranged from raucous whoops and applause to the stillness created by momentous feats and stunned shock. The performers fed off the audience reaction, they were genuinely grateful and amped everything up accordingly. Big points from me for their willingness to spend time with their fans immediately after the show for countless selfies & plenty of fondling!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.08.06 am

Mel with one of the amazing performers

Briefs was an indescribable and guiltily pleasurable evening of spectacular entertainment.

This is not the show for shrinking violets or the closed minded.

If you aren’t fond of the odd peter heater “popping up” or some CLEVErly placed poop humour then stay home and leave these much sought after seats for others.

Royal Croquet Club – The Panama Club until March 14

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