Fringe – Burlesque Feather Fan Dance Workshop

A unique offering at this year’s Fringe, here is your chance to give burlesque feather fan dancing a go!

This workshop from The Peaches ‘n’ Gin Burlesque Academy is a great opportunity to learn how to twist and twirl a set of beautiful ostrich feather fans.

No prior experience is needed and the instructor is very friendly and helpful as you learn how to handle the fans.

In an hour, you learn the basic techniques for ostrich feather fan dancing plus a few classic poses, the art of tease and popular flourishes.

It is a heck of a workout for the arms, wrists and fingers – the fans are heavier than they look!

I really enjoyed learning about the history of burlesque, there is a huge comedy component to the art form – it is all about staying covered up but giving a few cheeky glimpses of the body here and there.

The workshop isn’t the least bit strip related, but a decent dance workout and there was a very nice vibe in the room as participants got to know each other.

Indeed, two women in my workshop met that day and had so much fun they have decided to do a longer course together….I am thinking of joining them!

This was a beyond fantastic experience – I had so much fun and felt fantastic about my body and abilities.

It has left me with a huge appreciation of the difficulty and technique required in some of the fantastic burlesque shows I have seen recently.Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 23.26.16

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