Festival of entrepreneurs

With the festival season in full swing, the people of Adelaide will be experiencing something new daily.

But the focus on Adelaide extends beyond ‘unearthly gardens’ and notable comedians. Adelaide is in pursuit of becoming a city of entrepreneurs.

Over the past few years Adelaide entrepreneurs have been gaining the support they need to make it all happen.

Quirky bars, food stalls, co-working spaces and start-up events are held nearly every weekend.

With council and government support entrepreneurs are challenging their counterparts in bigger cities around the world.

Twenty year old Brianna Davey recently launched the successful necklace business Briannalee Designs that produces fun and youthful designs for women aged between 13-30 years.

“I had been obsessed with big, statement necklaces for some time and wanted a new one for my birthday outfit. After not finding what I wanted, I went off to a couple of suppliers and bought a range of materials and started playing around,” Brianna says.

“After word of my first piece got around to friends, I had requests to make more.

“After a few weeks I started my Facebook page showcasing a range of pieces and everything has grown well since then.”


Young entrepreneur Brianna Davey


Whether it’s a business or just a way to make some cash on the side, Brianna believes it’s definitely a growing trend in Adelaide.

Community driven initiatives and niche events such as the Gilles Street Markets have made it much easier for Brianna and other young designers to connect with customers.

“The biggest benefit setting up a business in Adelaide is that a new idea seems more special and exciting because the product will not be as readily available in comparison to bigger cities full of, in my case, other designers,” Brianna says.

“My advice is to find something you love and create a business that you can work around your hobbies.

“If it’s something you truly enjoy, most of it should be easy.”

There has also been a surge in the number of networking events and training programs for entrepreneurs in Adelaide in the last few years.

SA Entrepreneur’s Week is the latest entrepreneur initiative to be added the an astounding 95 programs for entrepreneurs – some funded and supported by government, others by industry, and some by entrepreneurs themselves.

Events and programs such as these are designed to promote South Australia as a great place to start a business and encourages young talent to stay living in or close to Adelaide.

But where do all these clever and talented people hang out?

Because many entrepreneurs enjoy collaboration and teamwork, co-working spaces are all the rage so many are escaping their homes in favour of working on their businesses in a shared space.

Hub Adelaide, a popular co-working spot in Peel Street in the CBD, accommodates a variety of work styles from open and collaborative to private and driven from the freelancer to the startup and the dedicated team.

After decades of struggling for an identity, Adelaidians like Nick Morris are fast becoming proud of our own unique identity.


Nick Morris from Wicked Cow Marketing


Nick, a 27 year-old entrepreneur certainly thinks so. He launched his internet marketing company Wicked Cow Marketing at the age of 24 because he liked the idea of being his own boss.

“I’ve found that there are two main Adelaide business communities: the “traditional” business community and the “start-up” business community,” Nick says.

“Both communities to be very welcoming and supportive to me but there definitely seems to be an upward trend occurring in the entrepreneur space in Adelaide.

“I think this is as a result of successful start-up stories in the media and an increase in local events such as meetup.com where people can meet and swap ideas.

“Adelaide has been a great place to grow my company and the entrepreneur community has been really supportive.”

With summer well and truly here, it is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action.

The number of events and activities set to enliven the city streets over the next few months is very exciting.

Adelaide is a vibrant place with delightful architecture and human character.

It is a place that is growing in reputation for more than just great food and wine.

With an affordable cost of living, a quality lifestyle, stunning beaches and an accessible, character city that supports entrepreneurs, Adelaide provides everything necessary to make it all happen for aspiring and passionate twenty-somethings.

Entrepreneur Week 2015 is running from February 2nd to the 6th and details can be found at



Find more of Brianna at https://www.facebook.com/briannaleedesigns


Contact Nick at http://www.wickedcowmarketing.com.au

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