naked girls reading


Fringe – Naked Girls Reading

Naked Girls Reading prides itself on just being simply naked girls reading.

I don’t know what I expected but one thing is for sure – it’s just naked girls reading.

The show begins and ends with 4 women on stage who promptly take their clothes off. While they all have different backgrounds they all have a love of literature. The girls can change from night to night but they are always excellent readers.

Each night has it’s own theme, and I was lucky enough to attend the ‘just the naughty bits’ themed show. Because the girls choose their own texts they can take the theme shockingly literally or extremely ambiguously.

This is a good time to point out that no text is off limits, so be prepared that some of your childhood favourites may be ruined forever. For example, we heard pieces ranging from ‘Mr.Men’, to cook books to 19th century pornography.

Naked Girls Reading was held at La Boheme.

If this show sounds up your alley, check out La Boheme for similar events. Wednesday night is usually live jazz or burlesque.

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