Fringe Review – Dandyman – Prince Idiot

Tucked away in a small intimate tent on a stormy Adelaide night I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Dandyman.

Drawing from influences like Rowan Atkinson and Frank Woodley, Daniel Oldaker brings us Dandyman. With barely a word for the whole show, Dandyman masterfully leads the audience from beginning to end. Everything is up for grabs and he uses everything at his disposal to turn the stage into absurdity before flipping everything on its head again and again.

The audience were either busting to get involved and ready to leap on to the stage or refusing to make eye contact terrified of what Dandyman might ask them to do. Some of the crowd were slow to warm to Dandyman but in their defence there really is no telling what’s going to happen next. It can be scary when there’s a chance you will be part of the next spectacle on stage (but really that’s all the more reason to get involved).

The comedy is absurd and a lot of the jokes are pretty uncommon even for physical comedy. It’s certainly worth stretching your comfort zone for and a nice change of pace from the strictly stand up comedy acts.

You can see Dandyman at the Royal Croquet Club everyday for the rest of the fringe.

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