Fringe – Tony Roberts Card Magic

I have a teenage son who is obsessed with card magic trucks.  And to be honest I have endured the highs and lows of him learning this difficult trade.

So, when provided the opportunity to attend Tony Roberts’ Adelaide Fringe show Card Magic last week I wasn’t as excited as I should have been.

A man in front of an audience talking and doing magic card tricks – whatever!

Whatever indeed!

Whatever was I thinking?

Didn’t I know how entertaining and fun card magic could be when there is a storyteller doing the magic.

And a great story was at the heart of Tony Roberts’ performance.

tony roberts_0244_photo by steve ullathorne

Photo by Steve Ullathorne

Easy, relaxed conversation held my attention and just the right amount of fun audience participation meant the largish group enjoying the show felt part of the action all the time.

You can’t help but like Tony – and that is something coming from me who while I love my son I don’t really like most magicians.

I know the whole show was made up of tricks but Tony also shared something of his true soul and his life experiences.

He shared events and laughs that had brought him to that space at that time to share it all with us.

And it was this ability to tell his honest and unique story that turned me on to his magic.  Which by the way was great!

He sure tricked me into being a fan!

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