The ingredients for success

Whether it’s whipping up a gingerbread house or delving into some complex coding, Paul Stephens has found the recipe for happiness living and working in South Australia.

Paul is SAHMRI’s Chief Information Officer says he has two passions – cooking and computers.

“I find there is a lot of similarity between IT and cooking. There are a lot of rules around what you can do and what you can’t do but then there is a lot of experimentation and creativity involved with them both,” Paul says.

“Cooking gets me completely away from anything to do with IT but I am using many of the same skills and thought processes.

“Just as food requires the right balance of flavours and ingredients and it can be both nourishing and rewarding, the same is true for IT.

Paul’s focus with IT at SAHMRI is to ensure it assists the vital research being done rather than being something that blocks pathways by putting too may barriers in place.

“It is important to create a nice balance between allowing as much as possible to happen with free and easy access for everyone but also keeping in mind that there are certain security issues across organisations, particularly those such as health, which have to be strictly adhered to.”

Paul comes to SAHMRI with an impressive 20-years’ experience in the IT industry. He previously worked as Chief Technology Officer at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne and Systems Manager at the University of Melbourne, allowing him “unique perspectives for both university and medical research requirements”.

Paul says SAHMRI, which will build a team of more than 600 outstanding researchers working together in the search for better treatments and cures for some of the world’s most challenging diseases, is an “exciting project to be part of”.

“It’s fantastic to be involved in this and I am absolutely thrilled. We are establishing leading-edge technology that will be utilised in research and result in real health solutions for all Australians,” he says.

“We can create some amazing positive outcomes.”

Paul Stephens from SAHMRI has two passions – cooking and computers.

Paul Stephens from SAHMRI has two passions – cooking and computers.


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