Scott Perry has a few ideas in the pipeline after winning the Venture Dorm entrepreneurship program.


Innovation flooding in

Local plumber, Scott Perry, has been flushed with success after achieving his pipe dream of winning the Venture Dorm entrepreneurship program with his revolutionary backflow prevention device.

As a result, Scott travelled to the USA to scope out opportunities and visit companies like Google.

Venture Dorm is a 12-week program for entrepreneurs run by Flinders University’s New Venture Institute.

The program, which Scott was sponsored to attend by the City of Onkaparinga, helped him activate his business dream.

“I had the idea six years prior and I slowly moved forward occasionally doing a little bit,” Scott says

“But when I signed up for Venture Dorm I had to pitch every week and I didn’t want to be the guy that said I really hadn’t done anything this week.”

Backflow prevention devices ensure clean water supplies, but traditional devices reduce water pressure and flow, causing big problems in emergency situations.

Scott’s device works without reducing water pressure and flow.

“If someone came to fight a fire here, you’d want to make sure they’ve got as much water as possible,” Scott says.

“However, you don’t want to do away with a backflow prevention device because you don’t want the chance of contaminants going back into the drinking water supply.”

A plumber of 20 years, with his own business in Onkaparinga, Scott is also bringing innovation to the next generation as one of the founders of BO$$ Camp.

Launched in 2014, BO$$ Camp provides opportunities for young people, bringing them together with schools, teachers and entrepreneurs.

“We put really inspiring mentors in front of kids because we think inspiration is really important,” Scott says.

Established in Adelaide, BO$$ Camp is growing fast, having already launched in Tasmania, with plans for Cairns and Melbourne and interest from overseas.

Scott believes the City of Onkaparinga, which has also supported BO$$ Camp, plays a big part in encouraging innovation.

“It’s really important that councils get behind start-ups and organisations,” Scott says.

“I think innovation is something that is desperately needed in South Australia.

“If we’re getting this support from the Council, it makes it that much easier to progress.”

Image: Brenton Edwards

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