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Mirror, mirror on the wall – where is the fairest salon of them all?


With its late night hours, optional mirror policy and most fabulously, an exclusive partnership with Bird in Hand winery, Adelaide’s Miss Coiffure is the game changing hairdressing salon in Australia.

Styling is no longer just about cuts and colours, it’s about blow-dries and bubbles and believe it or not, it’s cost fabulously effective.

Miss Coiffure is a cross between a bar and a salon, offering hairdressing plus a selection of world-class wines, universal phone chargers and a storage service that means clients can pamper themselves and head straight out on the town.


Miss Coiffure co-owner and marketing manager, Adam Sadler


Miss Coiffure co-owner and marketing manager, Adam Sadler, has worked in salons across the UK and Australia and is excited to bring the Miss Coiffure concept to Adelaide.

“We tried to find out what the consumers wanted, rather than establish just a stylist’s ideology of a salon so we started asking questions, what do females not like in a salon?” Adam says.

“For example, clients don’t like being in front of a mirror for three hours and the social environment often doesn’t happen because of that mirror.

“So we have put together an exciting combination of high quality stylists and client friendly services in a gorgeous environment that is open at times that suit our clients.

“And we thought, let’s give our a fabulous salon a Zara price tag.”


Pampered: Wine, phone on charge and a hair makeover.


In an exclusive partnership with Bird in Hand winery, Adam says the team at Miss Coiffure wanted to take pampering to a higher level.

“Our approach ensures that clients feel comfortable and social in what can sometimes be an awkward environment,” Adam says.

“The music playlist is also flexible and clients are encouraged to bring in a favourite song and request airtime – usually to the delight of staff who enjoy mixing it up.”

Client Jacqui Brodey says Miss Coiffure focuses on her needs above all else.

“It is a personal thing having your hair done,” she says.

“While the skill of the technician is important it is also about the atmosphere of the salon.

“All the staff at Miss Coiffure enjoy working here and that rubs off on the customers.

“The opening times are also so flexible which is good for someone like me who works full time outside of the city.  I can come after work and stay until late – it is a lovely outing for me.”


Client Jacqui Brodey says Miss Coiffure is a lovely outing for her.


Miss Coiffure stylist, Chiara Pepe, 21, was hooked from the start.

“What we are doing at Miss Coiffure is unique. We are changing history. Who doesn’t like saying they work in a fully licensed bar and hairdressing salon?” she says.

“It is wonderful that Miss Coiffure is where I get to be everyday.  That is me, that is my place of work and it is fun and exciting.”

Don’t think this is a passing fashion craze.

Miss Coiffure has exciting expansion plans including opening more salons throughout Australia and branching out to beauty services.

Miss Coiffure is located on Hindmarsh Square Adelaide, and Pacific Fair Broadbeach, Queensland.

The Adelaide salon is open Monday to Saturday with late night trading options that are a perfect start for a great night out.

For more information visit misscoiffure.com.

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