Passing on Aboriginal culture to students

Aboriginal Elders in the community are teaching Swallowcliffe Primary School students about their culture.

The Playford Alive Initiative Fund has given their support to the special program through a $5,000 grant to the Community Partnership Agreement with the Aboriginal Elders Village.

Auntie Ruth Anangka says the grant is vital to keep the program going and hopes it will grow in the future.

“We can continue on with the valuable interaction between the kids and Aboriginal Elders,” Ruth says.

“The kids love it and we hope to build the numbers of Elders coming in.”

Ruth enjoys imparting her knowledge to the children and passing on traditional stories.

“I like to tell them, just imagine what it was like when you had nothing – no television, no radio, no cartoons – and they think ‘what a boring day’, but it’s not, it’s a learning day,” she says.

The students participate in weekly art and craft activities based on Aboriginal culture.

“We learn stories and how to draw witchetty grubs and honey ants in finger paint,” Anna-Marie, 10, says.

The Elders and students will also create a mosaic Aboriginal flag that will be displayed in the school as a lasting symbol.

Auntie Ruth Anangka passes life lessons on to Swallowcliffe students

Auntie Ruth Anangka passes life lessons on to Swallowcliffe students

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