A place to call home

Port Adelaide has a rich history.

The Port was the original gateway to South Australia for English immigrants and a bustling trading hub.

Over the decades, however, as faster and more efficient trade and transport routes have become available, the area has struggled to maintain its vibrancy.

Certainly the people who have lived there have always loved it but many people have considered it to no longer be a welcoming and busy place.

All that is changing and now Port Adelaide is again becoming a dynamic, exciting place to be with young families moving into the area.

Newcomers to the Port, Matt Devitt and Ada De Duonhi and her daughter Isla feel as if they have come home now they have moved into the area.

With Ada working as a solicitor locally and Matt working from home, Matt says they work, rest and play in Port Adelaide, and for the past four months in their new home they couldn’t be happier.

“The community is brilliant and we have met heaps of great people who share their experiences and knowledge of Port Adelaide’s heritage, which we find fascinating,” Matt says.

“It is a great family friendly area. There is always something fun to do.  Very safe – the Port is finally changing! We love the heritage of the Port’s streets and buildings so are very keen to stay in the area for many years to come.”

Among their recomended spots are the Maritime and Railway Museums, Sunday morning breakfasts at one of the localcafes and having a meal and a wind down beverage at any of the nearby pubs.

“And of course the beautiful Port River!” Matt adds.

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