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Fringe – Velvet

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! – there’s something very special about you!

(I still can’t get that song out of my head!)

God Bless Mother Nature – outside in Adelaide it was raining, inside it was raining men!
From the tumultuous weather outside stepping inside the Speigeltent felt like I’d taken something (…or maybe it was the champagne…) and was being transformed into a psychedelic boogie wonderland that is Velvet- with sequins, strobing lights, aerialists and neon hula hoops!!

Who’d have thought you could have so much fun in a flood! – (yes that’s right I chose the night of the lightning storm and torrential rain to see the show.)

Foot tappin’, hand clappin’, booty shakin’ fun- it was like being taken back to the 70s (or everything I imagine them to be.) The only thing missing was a dancefloor!

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Opening with a balancing act atop a case full of champagne to set the scene, the audience was entranced with wondrously sleek young bodies performing death defying acts as they wrapped around each other and twirled gracefully into the air.

From freak to chic, highlights were the very flamboyant hula hoopist, (*spoiler alert*) an unexpected a cappella version of Staying Alive and of course Marcia Hines- with an amazingly effortless voice you had to wonder what it would’ve been like if she’d really cut loose! Those lungs are amazing!
I found the a cappella a bit of a tease because it didn’t burst into boogie but it was so hauntingly beautiful you didn’t mind – you really felt it – the male lead actually did match Marcia – I know – what a feat!
Marcia still kicks it with attitude you just can’t fake and the latino slant on the music just made you wanna get up and dance – what a happy, carefree soundtrack to live life to – can I buy it on iTunes?

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