Fringe – Rhinoceros Comes To Goodwood

Young Adel-lady Jasmine Leech has taken an unusual kind of adventure on her gap year, bringing ‘théâtre de l’absurde’, or ‘theatre of the absurd’, to the Adelaide Fringe.

Rhinoceros follows Berenger, whose experiences cleverly narrate the play as people around town disappear and rhinoceroses appear. The town’s people we meet do not want to deal with this event, and instead wittily fascinate over non-relevant details like the number of horns.

The story dynamics, and big topics like society’s herd behaviour and individuality, are well-carried throughout by such a young ensemble. Although some of the trickier parts of the script could have been better-rehearsed, the energy and passion on stage was obvious and consistent.

The simple stage setups and minimal use of props were also very effective, with the use of silhouettes adding depth and motion to a basic onstage arrangement.

In a play over half a century old, a humorous script, with uncomfortably familiar topics of pack mentality and free thought, is made current again by a young cast, who could rival more seasoned Fringe performers. Rhinoceros is a great performance by a cast to look out for at next year’s Fringe.

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