The Rights of the Child: Art Exhibition

What sort of art can a child aged 2-5 produce?

One would be forgiven for expecting a few scribbles and awesomely lurid paintings. Not the case at the art exhibition I attended today titled “The Rights of the Child” at St. Peter’s Girls Early Learners’ Centre.

Each display celebrated what the children recognised as one of their fundamental rights, for example the right to eat nutritious food.

Talking to a few of the little artists showing their pieces, it was clear a great deal of thought had gone into each detail.


For example, some children painted the food they felt lucky to receive and others chose to sculpt their favourite dishes out of clay.

Each was lovingly and stylishly presented in frames or in the case of the sculptures, on cute little bread boards and an inviting red-checked tablecloth.

Nature featured strongly, turns out the ELC adopts a Reggio Emilia philosophy which encourages the kids to explore their world in a natural, stimulating and innovative environment.

Three year olds explored their right to connect with nature by exploring a local reserve and taking photos, I could almost smell the bark and fun of exploring.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.48.53 pm

Likewise, they collected sticks, bark and made their own sculptures to represent their play environment.

The pride of the children, their teachers and their families was palpable.

The work was treated like it was the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, including being officially opened by the Minister for Education and Training, Simon Birmingham.

ELC Director Kate Mount shared her thoughts on this “it’s important to recognise and value the voice and work of the youngest members of our society.

“These art pieces are important, as they provide an opportunity for young children to be celebrated and acknowledged for the unique individuals they are”.

I loved this, no doubt I was probably in the presence of the next Picasso or Monet and certainly these were the most adorably cute little artists I have ever seen!


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